6 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. I would appreciate a safety tutorial about server, which is received in the more extensively security not only on the basics!

  2. I’m interested in both ;)
    OS security of debian, like a conf for a firewall to protect the server.
    or mysql setup with a binding of 2 ip’s ( and an extern..)

    that would be awesome ;)
    I just read your blog and now I start watching everyday if something new is coming out ;)

  3. Thank you for information!
    I am currently working on some other projects, so that my Blog is a bit neglected. But I will do my best to write more frequent in the next time :)

  4. Can I ask you on what are you working?
    I found your blog through mythproject and thats why I’m interested in mysql performance and OS security.

    There is a lot to read on the internet, but many things are rubbish…

    • I am working on a small tool to parse the `git log` command:
      I will write something to this on my Blog if it is mostly finished.

      And yes, you are true. That is why I created this Blog.
      I wanted to write some helpful and summarized articles out of my experiences. This will probably be of use in some years ;)

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