Gitlog Parser

Sometimes I needed a possibility to convert the output of the `git log` command in a useful format. Because of that I have written a tool in Perl, which is currently able to convert this output to different file formats.

Here is a short overview of this tool:

  1. Link:

  3. Get it:
  4. # Clone from github
    $ git clone git://

  5. Current supported formats:
    • SQL-Dump
    • RSS-Feed
    • HTML-Page

  6. Documentation:
  7. You can find the documentation in the README file of my github repository.

  8. Sample usage:
  9. # Change to GitParser directory
    $ cd YOURPATH/GitlogParser
    # Show help
    $ ./scripts/ --help
    # Execute script for RSS output
    $ ./scripts/ --repo PATH-TO-GIT-REPO

    The –repo option is the mandatory option to state the git repository. Of course there are other options to customize the output for your purposes. For example you can specify the title of your RSS-Feed with the –title option. If you want to know more about the other options please take a look at the documentation or use the output of the –help option.

  10. Sample output:
  11. RSS

This tool is not finished completely and I will probably implement support for more file formats. If you have suggestions or any feature request please do not hesitate to contact me via github!

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